Appropriate Business Radios For Sale

Imagine a technology that is much simpler to use than a smart phone or an app and that allows a manager to send audio messages instantly to an entire team of workers. Imagine also that this technology allows for a group chat with little to no software involved. In fact, this type of device has been around for a long time and is called the personal short wave radio. When it is designed for use in a warehouse rather than the woods, it is called a business radio.

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A Solution Tailored For Instant Coordination

Radios are known for an annoying crackle and possibly even a buzz when the line is in use. These modern devices are designed to be used over a shorter range and has much of the background noise squelched automatically. The innards might include a microchip that nullifies noise and also allows for the radio to be connected to earphones or an external device. 

Cb Radios

Technically, any hand held radio set or CB radio equipment would do the job, although solutions designed just for businesses might have specific advantages. Rather than having adjustable stations, the frequency and the settings might be done through an external application so that all the radios that are meant to communicate with each other have the ability to do so. Multiple teams on different levels might be able to interact this way.


Setting the frequency just right might have security applications, such as a somewhat off channel would be harder for outsiders to tap into using a more generic CB device. This allows for privacy while also reducing reception by a radio source outside of the company. Having fine control over squelch and other features would allow the company to accurately deal with local radioactivity sources and also make full use of the devices' range.

Why Use Small Radios

A person who takes a look at business radios will see that they appear to be less outdoorsy and with a much smaller antennae than radios that might be purchased off a shelf at a retail store. The same manufacturer might offer different models that are pre-configured to satisfy needs. Often the range is much shorter, and the advantage is to avoid outside interference and also not to send company signals far out into the environment.


There are security advantages to using radios specific to industrial activity, and they might also be cheaper. A pair of radios might only be able to communicate within the band set by the manufacturer, while a custom-ordered solution might have dozens of identical radios operating on the same floor. The advantage of scale is just to maximize clear communication.

Smaller and lighter

The business radio is designed to fit in a holster or attach to a jacket strap. It is smaller and lighter than a consumer product. Employees can easily attach an earphone to the device so that they may be accurately directed while on the sales floor. As they are all preset to communicate with each other, employee input is a breeze and requires no adjusting. Employees cannot communicate with other teams or outsiders with a preset radio.